Products and Services

Standard treatment:
- Wash
- Blow dry
- Ears cleaned
- Nails cut
- Trim
- Baby powder/ Perfume
- Bandana
- Hair elastic with ribbon or clip 
-De-shedding or Haircut
Price varies according to small to large sizes and short or long hair.
Price range: R 200- R 500.00

R25 to R50 

Full Body Shave:
R20 to R50 

Tick and Flea Treatment:
Tick and Flea treatment is NOT included in the price. We offer a tick and flea shampoo treatment for R40 or dip treatment for R40. Please consult with a vet before requesting these treatments. We cannot guarantee that these treatments work once off, if your dogs are prone to getting ticks and fleas you should be applying a monthly preventative treatment on them.  

We offer a choice between lavender shampoo, aloe shampoo and no more tears tea-tree oil hypoallergenic shampoo.  We also offer a range of medicated shampoo but you are required to consult with your vet for information on these products and skin conditions. 

For your convenience we come with fresh towels that are disinfected and washed daily. We do not use a single towel on more than one dog a day, to make sure no skin infections are spread. We use F10 disinfectant on our tables and equipment as well.

What we need:
We need access to plug point and a hot water point.

We have a large van for large dogs. The grooming is done inside this van. We also have small vans for small to medium dogs. The small vans have mobile equipment that is unpacked and can be moved anywhere on your property eg in your garden, courtyard or driveway. We can even fit inside some apartments as well. 

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