Pimp My Pup is a mobile dog spa that does more than just grooming. We come to you to spare your dog the stress and trauma of travelling and unfamiliar surroundings. 

We do grooming and styling as well as manicures,pedicures,full body massages, perfumes,custom outfits and birthday cakes. I started this business as dogs are my passion and I wanted to make sure all dogs are treated with care while being groomed. 

Grooming your dog is great for cosmetic reasons but most importantly for medical reasons as grooming is a vital part of a dogs health. We try build a relationship with your pups so the experience is much more enjoyable and stress free. 

My ultimate goal is to teach dogs to enjoy being groomed ,with a gentle touch. Pimp My Pup is truly the grooming company that goes the extra mile.

*Please do not compare our pricing to a parlour we are a mobile dog spa that goes the extra mile. If you use us you will see the difference. 

*Any racism towards my staff will result in immediate expulsion from the Pimp My Pup client base. We are human beings just like you, treat us how you would like your pup to be treated 

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