Lenny and Winston Donker

I was so glad to finally get a client who had two absolutely gorgeous French Bulldogs because they are such an amazing and very cute breed. Welcome to the Pimp My Pup family Lenny and Winston, we can't wait to watch you grow.


Pimp My Pup will be closing on the 9th of December 2011 so please make your bookings now so your pup can be pimped for the holidays.


This site is in memory of Bubbles Sundy who we will miss so much !


On the 10 of October 2011 Pimp My Pup had three fantastic new additions. 8 week old Vinny and Pauly who are pekingese , they belong to the Sundy family. And 8 week old Aslan who is a mix between a yorkie and a pekingese who belongs to the Bebaglio family. We are so happy to have two gorgeous new puppies and wish them health and happiness!

Welcome to Pimp My Pup

Pimp My Pup is a mobile dog spa that does more than just grooming. We come to you to spare your dog the stress and trauma of travelling and unfamiliar surroundings. We do grooming and styling as well as manicures,pedicures,full body massages, perfumes,custom outfits and birthday cakes. I started this business as dogs are my passion and I wanted to make sure all dogs are treated with care while being groomed. Grooming your dog is great for cosmetic reasons but most importantly for medical reasons as grooming is a vital part of a dogs health. I personally do the grooming myself to make sure no harm is done as well as making sure the dogs are relaxed. My ultimate goal is to teach dogs to enjoy being groomed with my gentle touch. Pimp My Pup is the grooming company that goes the extra mile.
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