Designer Dog

Scampi the adorable Jack Russel enjoying his bed and blanket from the new Pimp My Pup 'Designer Doggie Range' What a stylish pup!


A gorgeous yorkie holly relaxing after her pimping session. What a cutie.

Pimp My Pup kiddies

The Pimp My Pup team absolutely love when your kids help out , it is lots of fun and often helps calm down your pups. We have spare gloves and masks to make them feel part of the Pimp My Pup team. So please do not hesitate to specify you would like your children involved.

Feeling glamorous

The gorgeous English Bulldog Bella is looking as stunning as ever after a warm bubble bath and red manicure to match her bandana. A true princess : )

Welcome Back

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday but I am sure there are many smelly dogs out there in need of a Pimping !
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